Cool tricks for photographers

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional photographer or a beginner; for a good photo you need a lot of effort and money. And what about amateur photographers who are not ready to spend fabulous sums on expensive equipment? There is an exit! You   can increase the level of photo- mastery in a matter of minutes, using the simplest available tools.

  1. Ordinary cellophane package can serve as an excellent replacement for expensive softbox. To get soft diffused light, shake the bag, fill it with air and tie it. Homemade softbox is  ready in two counts!
  2. With the help of a  kitchen strainer,  you can create an unusual shadow. Such a tricky trick will help diversify the usual photography and create a couple of amazing portraits.
  3. But how to create a fabulous background for subject photography using foil, mirror and adhesive tape.
  4. With the help of an aquarium, you can make a series of spectacular  underwater photos . Unusually! Perhaps this trick will not seem to you the most practical, but for an enthusiastic photographer there are no barriers.
  5. The fashionable effect of illuminated  film photography  can be achieved with an ordinary match, lit in front of the camera lens. By the way, to protect your fingers from burns, you can use a candle. The main thing — do not burn the precious camera!
  6. Great reception for photographing food! Fragrant dishes seem to be fresh from the oven.
  7. Do not know how  to remove  intrusive tourists from the frame ? Primitive Photoshop skills will come to the rescue. Mount the camera on a tripod and take pictures every 10–20 seconds until you capture every part of the landscape without people. Open Photoshop, select “File> Scripts> Statistics”, set the value to “Median.” Next open all the photos that you will use. If the tripod is not stable enough, click Edit> Automatically Align Layers. If the original photos turned out well, you will only have to modify the finished picture a little.
  8. From a flap of fabric and a piece of cardboard, you can make an excellent  seamless background  for subject shooting. Simple and affordable!
  9. Simulate  the bokeh effect  when macro shooting a phone? Time to spit! Find on the Internet a finished photo with a bokeh effect, place an object in front of it and take pictures of how much it fits.
  10. In order not to waste a lot of time creating  glare  in the photo editor, add glare directly during shooting. Place a compact disc under the camera lens and let it in a few bunnies. Done!

As you can see, everyone can take pictures beautifully. In addition, these tricks of photography are so elementary that even a beginner will master them. Have a nice shot!