We found 12 simple photography tricks to make all your shots perfect.

Do you like to take pictures and pose, but are not sure that you are doing everything right? A few simple rules that we have collected in this article will help you learn how to make shots almost like a pro, you only need a little skill, patience and a smartphone.

Bright Side assures you that after reading this small guide, photos are guaranteed to be successful.

1. Pay attention to the background

Sometimes a good shot can easily spoil the out-of-place post that has grown from the head. Such trifles can be noticed not immediately, but they greatly spoil the impression of the picture.

A suitable background may even be where you do not expect to see it at all. For example, it can be a transformer booth with a textured wall, or a service entrance, which looks quite unpresentable from a distance, but looks pretty good near. Look for interesting materials and textures for the background even in the most unexpected places, only then get ready to fight off questions in the spirit of “Where did you find such a cool background ?!”

2. Be careful with close-ups.

The fact is that with close shooting, the frame geometry changes, as a result, the appearance is distorted. The face becomes like a hamster, and this is unlikely to be in your hands. Move the lens away a little and you will see that the picture will turn out much better.

3. Experiment with a tilt angle

Let’s compare in our example. We have a pretty carousel and no less pretty model, how to combine them? You can just stand next to the attraction and take a picture, or you can take a selfie and change the angle — you get a mischievous and funny frame. So we will see the round roof of the carousel, and the swing, and give the picture a liveliness. Be not afraid and experiment with a tilt angle when it is pertinent.

4. Do not place the subject in the center of the composition

If you are photographing a single subject, do not put it in the center of the frame. Remember the rule of thirds, according to which the frame is divided as if using lines along which it is recommended to place objects.

5. Beauty is around

Not selfies and architecture unified — interesting objects for shooting are literally around us. Sometimes a random frame can be a real masterpiece. Do not try to fit everything all at once, look at the world with curiosity — and you will see how many simple things you would like to share around.

6. Learn to catch a good light

Good lighting is an important part of a good shot. The difference in these two frames is literally one and a half steps, and the result is obvious. In the second picture, it was possible to catch a softer light, in addition, the background very successfully “fell” into the dark and hid unnecessary details.

Twist the camera a bit, try to catch the light on your face. Do not forget that the lighting should fall on you, and not shine from behind, otherwise you will get only a silhouette.

7. But do not overdo it with him

Too bright light can also play a cruel joke. Shooting in bright daylight is not easy even for experienced photographers, and portraits in the sun will turn out, most likely, with narrowed eyes. Therefore, try not to take pictures during hours of high solar activity. Look for the most beautiful natural light in the morning and at sunset.

8. Avoid HDR mode

The HDR effect was once very popular on Instagram, and even now some photo-processing applications offer filters with this effect. But the fashion for HDR has long passed, but the unnaturalness of such frames remains. Leave these filters in the past, where they belong.

9. Wait for the perfect moment for the shot.

Alas, for the sake of an elegant shot, it’s sometimes worth patience. Catching a good moment is easier than taking photos of random passers-by. A little exposure, and here’s a great shot at your fingertips! That is, in a smartphone.

10. Look for the perfect selfie angle

Many photographers believe that each person has a so-called “working” side of the face, it is she who should turn and pose. In part, this statement is true, but so that your profile is not littered with the same type of personnel, it’s worthwhile to show imagination and look for new perspectives.

For example, you can lie on your back and remove yourself from above. What to watch out for are frames made from below: they paint few people.

11. Do not be afraid of uncomfortable poses for beautiful shots.

Do you want to take a macro picture or fit an entire structure into a frame? Do not be afraid to squat down, lie down on the grass or kind of ugly to swear ugly: firstly, does it really matter what others think, secondly, a beautiful shot is worth some effort.

12. Each shot has its own ideal angle

Finding the perfect angle with full-length shots is a little more difficult than taking a selfie. If you want to get a full-length shot, it is better to ask to take it a little from the bottom: this way you will significantly add growth to yourself. True, this trick works best with slender models.

With frames sitting everything is different. If you shoot from the side, the frame risks getting “flat”, but if you take pictures from below, you can easily get the image distortion (in addition, the leg is pointed directly at the lens, which does not add beauty). The result will be much better if you shoot a little from above: the proportions will be respected, and the surrounding landscape will fall into the frame.