6 tricks for creating creative photos using your smartphone

From the author: in the yard 2019, and art photographs are no longer the lot of expensive and high-quality DSLRs. Most smartphones today have high-quality cameras, and although they are still very far from professional ones, you can take good pictures with your phone’s camera.

A smartphone is often the only suitable device that we have, and if you install a couple more special applications on it, you can make something more creative out of ordinary pictures. According to the link you’ll find tools for a smartphone with which your photos can be displayed perfectly on a new level

However, if you want to do everything the old fashioned way, but still want to give your photos uniqueness without applications or spending money on expensive gadgets for your smartphone, then we have compiled a selection of tricks for you that you can try:

1. Use glasses as a polarizing filter

Tip from professional interior photographer https://superserg.com, Polarizing filters are installed in the lenses of SLR cameras to remove glare, distracting reflections, and also to change the photo exposure. A simple and cheap trick with your smartphone — take a photo through the lenses of glasses. The result will be exactly the same as from a polarizing filter. In addition, the image will turn out with a beautiful color gradient (the color depends on the color of the glasses).

2. Use a glass or glass jar to take pictures underwater

Want to take photos underwater on your smartphone? So why splurge on expensive waterproof cases if you can find something in the kitchen?

In order to take a photo under water and not to drown the phone, put it in a glass, a wide-necked jar or any other glass container. Make sure that the top of the vessel is above the water so that you do not accidentally wet the phone.

With this trick, you can also take double photos (also known as split shots) — photos taken halfway under water halfway above water.

3. Make a hole in the thick paper sheet and attach it to the camera lens

Turn your phone into a pin-point camera and take vintage photos. Take a small piece of cardboard, make a small hole in it and stick it on the back cover of the phone (directly on top of the camera lens). It is very important to achieve the desired effect, the hole should have been much smaller than the camera lens of the smartphone.

4. Create cool color effects with glow sticks

Glow sticks are a fun and inexpensive way (100 sticks of different colors can be bought for about 650 rubles) a way to make your photos more interesting. All you need is to hold the glow sticks right in front of the lens in the foreground, which will give the photos a slight defocus and add a glow.

You can try to paint with light or just shoot random streaks of light, but for this you have to sweat a little and experiment. For such photos, you will need a slow shutter speed, which by default is not on smartphones (you can install an application such as Slow Shutter Cam), and a tripod.

5. Use a magnifying glass as an impromptu macro lens

Ordinary smartphones are notorious for their poor digital zoom, which is why most photography enthusiasts are advised not to enlarge the photo, but crop them. But in cases where you want to take a macro photo, problems arise.

In such cases, a small magnifying glass attached to the camera as a macro lens can help you. In his video, Dan Chiriac shows how to take photos correctly with a magnifying glass. Much cheaper than buying expensive macro lenses for a smartphone, the cost of which is in the region from $ 20 to $ 70.

6. Experiment with crystal prisms to create abstract compositions.

Remember those crystalline lenses with which your teacher showed you light spectra? With their help, you can make great abstract photos.

It doesn’t matter if you use a smartphone or a DSLR; using these crystals you can make an abstract work of art from monotonous and boring photos.