How to make a good photos of city?

A city is not only a habitat for many people, with their apartments, enterprises and offices, it is also a living organism, full of energy and strength. There are always a lot of interesting places, objects and current events in busy metropolitan areas. The high pace of life provides an opportunity for photographers to always shoot something new and unusual, interesting. But to convey the spirit of the city in one photo is very difficult. After all, his portrait is different from the time of day and season. In the morning it may seem peaceful and calm, while in the evening or at night it comes to life and is filled with movement and light. It is not enough just to photograph the sights or magnificent buildings in the very center of the city, it is necessary to demonstrate some fascinating aspects of everyday life, in a context that will tell about this place and about the people living there.

Follow the tips of this article, and you will learn how to make city landscapes more interesting than other photo lovers. We ask tips from professional interior and architectural photographer

The main directions in the city landscape

Here are a few basic directions for photographing a cityscape:

  • the city is an industrial environment, photographs of buildings, factories, cars and other similar objects prevail here;
  • the city is the main area of ​​human life. People on the background of architecture in the interior of the city;
  • the city is a historical and cultural center. Almost any city in the world is an architectural monument and a wonderful object for photography;
  • city ​​is an object for abstract composition. The intersection of glass and concrete — that’s what is popular with many today’s photographers and instagrammers))
How to photograph a city -

Filming time

Many professionals, including one of the most famous city photographers, Mark Bury , consider early morning to be the best time for shooting for at least two reasons:

  1. soft morning light, the shadows fall smoothly and smoothly, the sky works like a huge filter, the color scheme of such pictures will be warm and pleasant;
  2. clean and empty streets. The lonely morning city looks much more beautiful than the noisy and fussy for the rest of the day. A few random passers-by, it may be appropriate they will complement the photo, give it a special mood.
How to photograph a city -

Sunset is also a favorite time for photographers. The soft light of the rays of the departing sun will give the old city a sense of eternity. When shooting a modern, dynamic cityscape, these same rays will look great, reflected on glass and steel buildings. Or neon lights breaking through the darkened blue sky.

How to photograph a city -
How to photograph a city -

But if you shoot in the «concrete jungle», among the skyscrapers, the best time is considered, oddly enough, noon. Despite the fact that the light at this time is very hard, this is the only time when the sun’s beam has a chance to penetrate among the blocks of concrete and steel. To counter this «stiffness» — use polarizing filters, preferably a warm polarizer , or at least a 81A or 81B filter .

How to photograph a city -

Real photographic masterpieces with the image of the city can be obtained at night . But night shooting has its own specific features that every photographer should consider. But this is a topic that should be highlighted in a separate article, which we will do in the near future.

How to photograph a city -

Shooting Point

Find the right shooting point — this is very important for a good photo of the city. You can take pictures of the city landscape:

  • from your height,
  • from ground level
  • from the roof of a house. Shooting a city using unmanned aerial devices is becoming very popular.

Try to find points of view that no one has ever seen or shot before. Perhaps this frame will open the famous building from a new interesting side. But remember that each level of shooting has its own nuances.

How to photograph a city -

If you photograph the cityscape from the lowest point, then tall buildings will get some distortion — the viewer will get the impression that they are about to fall.

If you photograph a city from ground level, then try to include in the frame only those elements that can cause interest in the viewer and exclude all unnecessary.

How to photograph a city -

When photographing a city from a height, do not forget about the main object of the shot — the highest tower in the city or the most lighted area, for example, the main street with lanterns and going deep into the city. Otherwise, your photo will appear as one continuous canvas, especially at night.